The Long Walk

The Long Walk

Using old family photographs of disjunct events: the Budapest skyline, the harbour in post-WW2 Antwerp, the West African coast, a dam wall on the Vaal river – I joined together the scenes of a family’s migration in a 360° view of history, a horizon of destiny. Long Walk Home speaks about the ways in which we reconcile our views of history with the individual recollections that in turn hold the key to our sense of identity. It attempts to show how, through our memories, we perpetuate this sense of identity, of belonging or not belonging. It raises questions about a notion of home, and how, through a continuous redrawing of our historical boundaries, we are really always on the move: nomads treading unfamiliar ground.

© Minnette Vári 1999

Long Walk Home
Digital video
3′ 00″, looped